Zothren Invasion


In Zothren Invasion, players take turns drafting parts for their giant mech – a robot-like suit of armor they will pilot to defeat the hoards of invading Zothren “bugs”. Each player will have access to a small hand of Items that can help them (or hurt others) in their quest for the most fame via bug kills! The players all want to prove that they were the true hero on Zothren Prime many years ago and are looking to seek the most fame by taking out as many bugs as possible. Don’t look to your fellow crewmen for help this time. Its every crewman for themselves in this fast paced, quick card game. The holocrons are rolling. The Zothren Invasion will be televised. Does your hero have what it takes to be the true defender of Earth? 2-4 players Ages 14+ 10 minutes per player

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Alien Uprising: Zothren Invasion, a standalone game in the Alien Uprising family, is played in two phases. During the first phase, the players go through a card-drafting process to build robots which will be used to fight off an alien invasion. Each robot will have six body parts, each with various weapons and armor. Once the robots are fully constructed, the Zothren Invasion begins.

Players work in a voluntary co-op fashion to defend earth from the Zothren. If all of the robots are destroyed by the Zothren, humanity is lost. However, if the requisite number of aliens are successfully defeated, then the player who controls the robot that has the accumulated the most Zothren losses is the victor.


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